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Southeast Asian Deportation Work at AARW

As an organization committed to pan-Asian organizing, we will respond and mobilize in the fight against Southeast Asian deportations. In Fall 2017, we felt called to organize, locally and nationally, because of the rise of deportations happening in the community. We are committed to supporting and uplifting the leadership of our Southeast Asian community members, which means we will show up and organize to defend and protect our families and communities.

We recognize deportations in the Southeast Asian community to be connected to a cycle of displacement rooted in colonization and US imperialism. Southeast Asian communities - specifically ethnic groups from the countries of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos that were impacted by the war in Southeast Asia, fled their homelands from war and genocide to enter the United States to rebuild their lives, to now face the threat of deportation enacted by the US to have them return to a country they once fled.

We are part of the Vietnamese Anti-Deportation Network (VADN), a national network of local grassroots community groups and organizations, organizing and mobilizing against the detentions and deportations happening in the Vietnamese community. We are also part of the Southeast Asian Deportation Defense Network, a network formed by the Southeast Asian Freedom Network (SEAFN), the VADN, legal advocates, community leaders/organizers and impacted folks, organizing to defend and protect all Southeast Asian families and communities vulnerable and impacted by deportation.

If you’re interested in staying connected and want to support organizing efforts against Southeast Asian deportation, please fill out our sign-up/contact form.

If you or someone you know is vulnerable or impacted by deportation, contact

Update on Vietnamese Deportation:

In the last week, the Vietnamese Anti-Deportation Network (VADN) received information that the Vietnamese government was coming to the United States to meet with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). We learned the purpose of this meeting was to renegotiate the current Vietnamese Repatriation Agreement that was signed between the US and Vietnam in 2008. While Vietnam has held the line, the US has been pressuring Vietnam to renegotiate the agreement so that ALL Vietnamese refugees and immigrants with final orders of removal, regardless of status of when they entered the US, would be vulnerable for deportation.

The VADN has created a community sign-on/petition to demand that Vietnam and DHS uphold the protections afforded to Vietnamese refugees in the current agreement, and oppose any changes/amendments to the current agreement that would further rip families apart and upend communities. Your signature will let DHS and Vietnam know that we, the community, is watching. Please sign the petition and share with your networks.

UPDATE: it has been confirmed that DHS and the Vietnamese government have met this week, but while the agreement has not been renegotiated, we are watching closely and will send an update as we receive more information: