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Current Campaigns

DOT Not for Sale

Dorchester Not for Sale is a coalition of Dorchester residents and organizations worried about our community’s future. We are tenants, homeowners, and small landlords who live, work and play in Dorchester. We come from all walks of life and include Vietnamese, Cape Verdean Creole, Spanish and English voices of the community. We have been reaching out and discussing ways to make sure that #PlanGlovers does not displace any current residents, lead to good and higher incomes, protects the ethnic and cultural enclaves, improves community safety and quality of life for all, and centers those most impacted.

We are committed to building a multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-generational REAL community process that centers Dorchester residents most at risk of displacement in decision making. We will build together and fight for a vision of what we want and need in our community and seek unity as tenants, homeowners, and small landlords.

Our alliance includes the following groups: Asian American Resource Workshop (AARW), New England United for Justice (NEU4J), Mass Affordable Housing Alliance, Greater Bowdoin Geneva Neighborhood Association, City Life / Vida Urbana, Dorchester People for Peace

Check out our Facebook Page for more details and future events.

Fighting Southeast Asian Deportation

As an organization committed to pan-Asian organizing, we will respond and mobilize in the fight against Southeast Asian deportations. In Fall 2017, we felt called to organize, locally and nationally, because of the rise of deportations happening in the community. We are committed to supporting and uplifting the leadership of our Southeast Asian community members, which means we will show up and organize to defend and protect our families and communities.

We recognize deportations in the Southeast Asian community to be connected to a cycle of displacement rooted in colonization and US imperialism. Southeast Asian communities - specifically ethnic groups from the countries of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos that were impacted by the war in Southeast Asia, fled their homelands from war and genocide to enter the United States to rebuild their lives, to now face the threat of deportation enacted by the US to have them return to a country they once fled.

We are part of the Vietnamese Anti-Deportation Network (VADN), a national network of local grassroots community groups and organizations, organizing and mobilizing against the detentions and deportations happening in the Vietnamese community. We are also part of the Southeast Asian Deportation Defense Network, a network formed by the Southeast Asian Freedom Network (SEAFN), the VADN, legal advocates, community leaders/organizers and impacted folks, organizing to defend and protect all Southeast Asian families and communities vulnerable and impacted by deportation.

If you’re interested in staying connected and want to support organizing efforts against Southeast Asian deportation, please fill out our sign-up/contact form.

If you or someone you know is vulnerable or impacted by deportation, contact

Freedom for All Massachusetts

As an organization committed to empowering all members of our community, AARW is in coalition with Freedom for All Massachusetts, an organization that seeks to uphold rights and protections of trans people in Massachusetts. This November, the Commonwealth faces the first-ever statewide vote on non-discrimination protections for transgender people. A YES vote on Question 3 is a vote to uphold basic protections for our transgender neighbors, family and friends in Massachusetts. In preparation for this year's elections, we are partnering with the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) to educate and rally Asian American voters to vote YES on 3 as a step towards securing better protections for trans people in our communities.

Freedom Mass Facebook page

BosCops & Fighting Anti-Muslim Violence

Stay tuned for updates. Email with questions