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Below are links to several timelines compiled by AARW members and staff. They are all works in-progress, and we welcome suggestions on how to make them more complete.

API Organizing Timeline

A timeline comprised of historical examples of API community resistance, organizing, and solidarity efforts.



Fighting Anti-Muslim Violence Timeline

The Fighting Anti-Muslim Violence curriculum came out of a swirling political climate during Donald Trump's presidential campaign. 2016 saw an influx in Anti-Muslim sentiment and violence. The working group met over the summer and fall of 2016 and put together a curriculum focused on engaging a mixed race group of people in a people of color centered space around this issue. The first workshop was facilitated days after the election and engaged well over 35 people in dialogue around history, context, current affairs and interventions pertaining to fighting anti-muslim violence. This timeline was a part of the curriculum for this workshop.


Asian American Feminisms Timeline

This timeline arose out of the Sticky Rice Project working group, Asian American Feminisms. The group tried to include important parts of AAF history, both on the scale of global imperialism, as well as some bits of local history. A paper version was presented at our workshop (at Northeastern's MLK Day conference), and we had participants examine and respond to events that stood out to them as particularly meaningful or eye-opening. It led to a great discussion.