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Writers' Group

Started in the fall of 2006, AARW's Writers' Group has steadily developed into a hub for both accomplished writers as well as budding writers alike as a safe space to refine their craft. Members come together on a regular basis to share and discuss writings & ideas, get and provide support, and practice exercises to keep writing skills fresh.

A book cover. The title is Asian Voices in Beantown A book cover. The title is Under a Boston Sky

In the fall of 2012, AARW's Writers' Group published their first book, entitled Asian Voices From Beantown. Unique in their particularities, universal in their resonance, these stories reveal experiences of Asia America that call historical Boston their home. The resilient voices move through the challenges of justice deferred and celebrate the complexities of family, love, memory, and imagination.

In the summer of 2017, AARW's Writers' Group published their second book, Under a Boston Sky. This collection is a testament to the power of Asian Americans and the importance of telling their stories. We hope that in the coming years, more Asian American writers will emerge and representation in the media will strengthen. These stories, poems, and essays have all been shaped by our experiences of living and growing in Boston.

For more information or to order a copy of the book, please email